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good morning. scrapped. hopes for a sweeping $4 trillion deal on the deficit break down. now the president get ready for an urgent sunday meeting to find common ground. can it be done before the looming debt deadline? stop the presse after 168 years, the final edition of britain's news of the world hits newsstands today and bids farewell to its readers. this as the investigation into the paper's expanding phone hacking scandal continues. hollywood royalty. william and kate take the polo ground by day and red carpet by night. all the details of their final
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star-studded night in america as we bid farewell to the future king and queen today sunday, we bid farewell to the future king and queen today sunday, june 10th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. not bad for a first trip to america. you got some polo, some red carpet, some celebrities, probably some free food, we should all be so lucky. >> probably got one of those great travel discount sites. >> i'm sure that is what it was. >> i hope they got some down time, though. southern california is a great place to just hang. >> they only had a couple days. there were a couple other states they visited. hopefully next time. other news to get to this morning, including continuing
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efforts to reach a decision. underlining the urgency of the situation. this is plans for a larger $4 trillion deal scrapped. we'll get the latest from washington in just a moment. for some he made a name as the super bowl mvp and for others he is a champion of "dancing with the stars" and hines ward now has an arrest to go on his record. what landed him an in atlanta jail this weekend? we'll tell you coming up. then never-before-seen photos. the photographer was only 18 years old when he snapped them in 1964 but then he kept them in the basement where they sat largely forgotten until he recently rediscovered them. the amazing images. some pretty cool access to get these photos. >> wait a minute, didn't i take some photos of the beatles? that's interesting. plus, you may remember seeing video of that new water
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power jet pack down in florida. i recently saw a video of it, you know me by now, you can't keep me from trying something like that. i flew down to key west on a plane where i traded my boarding pass for a jetback pass. it was a blast a ride out on the open water. you'll see all my ups and a couple of my downs. >> i like the ones where you're getting whipped around. it looks like a sea monster has you. >> it does. an octopus situation. it is a lot harder than it looks. i was quite challenged. >> actually, i have been telling you, i would like to try that and hear more about it. congressional leaders will meet, again, with the president of the white house today. mike vukyi is there. good morning. >> something they called a grand bargain and an ambitious deal
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worth of deficit and debt reduction over the course of the next ten years and last night john boehner pulled the plug. he was unable to sell the tax-raising portion of the package to his republican conference. also a lot of controversial elements and a dramatic overhaul of the tax code and controversial changes to medicare and social security that were simply not flying with the democratic caucus. now, it's back to square one. vice president biden had been leading some talks. a package worth about half of that, about $2 trillion. the problem is republicans had already walked out of that over the issues of tax increases. all sides will meet here again tonight. tonight at 6:00. meanwhile, the clock is ticking towards that august 2nd deadline of default of u.s. credit. lester? >> they're getting together tonight, how long a session is this? will they try to hammer this out this evening? >> you know, the hopes are definitely being downplayed. they are really walking back any
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expectations. obviously, especially over the developments of last night. they're going to have to go to square one. any deal that they're talking about now have to be cleared with both the house democrats and republicans, as well as on the senate side. that could take weeks. meanwhile, it it will take quite some time. if they have it, they will even write the bill. that august 2nd deadline, lester, is really looming. >> thanks. we're joined by moderator of "meet the press" david gregory. good morning. >> good morning. >> speaker boehner open to revenue increases and maybe changing some tax language. was this a case of other republicans pushing back and saying nothing? >> well, it appears that he was facing a very tough road in his own caucus where he was going to have a hard time selling the idea of any kind of revenue increases, even if there was going to be tax reform, which would ultimately reform tax rates and getting into a lot of detail of the language of the negotiation. the bottom line here, lester, is that the white house will now be prepared to use this against
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republicans. presidents can have this meeting tonight and i'm told, he will say, this is what people hate about washington. we have to do this. we have to get to some sort of big deal. the fallback position a more modest position. $2.5 trillion over ten years. still real money, but something far less than this grander barga bargain that was being discussed that mike was referring to. they are pretty far apart here and this was a big setback. >> i hate to say winners and losers here because this deal isn't done, is the president going to win this round? >> we don't know yet because from the republican point of view, this effort to raise ta s taxes, raise revenues has just been a nonstarter. they have a tea party that is against that and a republican process under way where the dominant theme is against any kind of tax increases. be sure about one thing.
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the president wanted to come out here and get a big deal, so that he could say, look, i swept in at the end and i was the one that lead us to an agreement that really cut spending massively. he got re-election on his mind. that's definitely how he wants to position himself for that. >> again, august 2nd is the date. $14.3 trillion. a lot to get done here. what happens if it's not done? is this simply a matter of shutting the credit cards off? what does that really translate into? >> it means, according to the treasury secretary, that you have a catastrophic result. there could be an impact on america's credit rating. tim geithner is my guest on "meet the press" and i'll ask him about it. they always said internally as they get closer to that august 2nd date, there's going to be a lot of problems around the world in terms of how the u.s. is viewed. >> david gregory, thanks for the insight. appreciate it. now, here's jenna. >> lester, thank you. now, to the latest in the tabtoid scandal in the uk.
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the grieving families of dead soldiers, britain's news of the world printed their last edition today. annabel roberts joins us live from london with more. good morning. >> yes, jenna. last sunday this was britain's biggest selling newspaper with an unrivaled reputation for journalistic scoops, but today the presses fell silent and this is the last edition. it's been a long week in what we call fleet street and an uncomfortable one for media boss, rupert murdoch. sunday monday involves picking up the news of the world. a ritual that parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents would recognize. but with thank you and good-bye, today is their last chance. the 168-year-old tabloid that thrived on scandal and exposing hypocrisy has itself been destroyed by a scandal of its
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own. the paper is being investigated for paying police for information and there are allegations of voicemail hacking. one paper has dubbed this, britain's watergate. serious questions about journalism has been raised. three people have been arrested so far, including the paper's formal editor, who was once a key aide to british prime minister david cameron. >> i think this is a very sad day for the news of the world. >> reporter: the paper's owner, rupert murdoch whose oarrived i britain sunday to manage the crisis directly. the allegations of phone hacking have been rumbling in the background for several years but exploded last week when a rival paper accused the news of the world from the murdered 13-year-old girl while police were hunting for her hoping she was alive. other alleged targets include the families of fallen soldiers and victims of the 2005 london terror attack.
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the decision by shutting the paper down took most by surprise, including the editor of the last edition. >> it's a shame that it came to this. as i said this morning, not where we deserve to be. >> reporter: the final edition is a compilation of the paper's triumphs. in the unlikely hope that when the scandal eventually dies down, this is what it will be remembered for. well, a full page apology inside states quite simply, we lost our way. recognition of a scandal that has dented both the reputation mr. murdoch's media empire just as he seeks to expand it here in britain. a government inquiry will examine the very nature of tabloid journalism here. >> all right, annabel, thank you very much. time now for a check of the morning's other headlines. let's head to melissa francis at the news desk.
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good morning. >> good morning, lester and jenna. good morning, everyone. we begin in japan where a 7.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the coast today. it did prompt a brief tsunami warning and evacuation. this was the same area hit by a massive quake in march but no sign of further damage along the coast. a new york state amusement park roller coaster remains closed and the focus of an investigation after a double amputee iraq war veteran was thrown off the ride and died. nbc kevin tibbles reports. >> reporter: he was a decorated hero from the war in iraq. but when 29-year-old sergeant james hackamer came home in 2008, he lost both of his legs in a roadside bomb attack. >> just to get this chance to come home is a miracle. >> reporter: he was rebuilding his life as a son, husband and father of two. following years of rehabilitation he went friday to the darien lake amusement park,
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he wanted to try the ride of steal and climbed into the front seat. after coming off one of the steep, sharp hills he was apparently thrown from the ride plunging to his death. >> as far as we could tell there was nothing mechanical wise that would have caused this accident. >> reporter: he had recently returned from walter reed with a new set of prosthetic legs. he was assisted on to the ride and was doing what he wanted to do. >> we are currently investigating the situation with our safety experts. >> reporter: the amusement park released a further statement saying we are all broken hearted by this tragic accident and will continue our support of both the family and the investigation. his aunt said it was tragic he had survived the war in iraq only to die in an amusement park. for "today" kevin tibbles. later today the space shuttle "atlantis" is scheduled
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to dock at the international space station for the last time. astronauts are delivering four tons of supplies to the station. this is the last shuttle flight in the fleet's 30-year history. and, finally, a day for the history books at yankee stadium. >> the 3-2, that one is good. deep to left field. going back, looking up, see ya! >> derek jeter becomes only the 28th major league player to get 3,000 hits and the first yankee to do so and that fan who caught the ball gave it back so jeter could keep it as a momento. what a fan. now, jenna and lester, you know, he gave up a lot of money, right? but he gets four free seats for the rest of the year. >> it was the right thing to do. >> derek jeter is only the 11th player to do that on one team. that's how rare an event that he did. and a home run on that 3,000th
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hit. >> it takes the pressure off that. >> we should keep an eye on that guy, really good one. janice huff is here with a check of the weather. >> the heat continues to be the >> we've got some areas of low clouds around the bay area and some mist with some of those low clouds around san francisco and oakland. seeing sunshine in san jose. patches of low clouds this morning as we head toward lunchtime. inland temperatures will be in the 70s but by july standards pretty cool. we're talking mostly 60s and 70s around inner bay. some near 80-degree temperatures inland. seven-day forecast looks cool as we start the workweek. meanwhile in the 80s in the northeast. now, here's jenna. >> janice, thank you. nfl star hines ward of the pittsburgh steelers is used to faking out his defenders on the football field and waltzing to championships on "dancing with the stars." early saturday morning near atlanta his moves behind the
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wheel landed him in jail. ron mott has the story. >> reporter: graceful and rhythmic on the dance floor, sleek and powerful on the gridiron. nfl star hines ward pulled a move this weekend that landed him in jail. police outside atlanta arrested ward early saturday morning for suspicion of drunk driving releasing him on $1,000 bond. according to, wards' manager said hines denies driving drunk and deeply saddened by the incident, apologizing to his fans and the steelers' organization. a super bowl mvp, wards run-in with the law may have been just in the sports section if he was not crowned champion on "dancing with the stars." >> for some the damage is done and they'll turn against him. he'll lawyer up and probably get through this quite easily and just move on. >> reporter: it's not ward's first waltz to flashing blue lights. in may he and a female friend
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were handcuffed though eventually let go without charges. in recent years, some pittsburgh steelers players like ward have been magnets for troubling headlines. and runningback mendenhall was forced to, steeler pride still in tact. >> i feel like he should definitely know better. it upsets me a little bit. i would be like hines is a sensible guy. >> this is a good group of guys. even though they have been getting in trouble off the field here, some of them. >> reporter: for fans of hines ward, on the field, on the dance floor, he will take notice of the ironic four-letter word in his mug shot, obey. up next,stleer'slester's conversation with dr. jill biden, that's right after this.
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we all want our kids to eat their vegetables, but they'd rather they disappear. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass but magically looks and tastes just like the fruit juice kids already love. mott's medleys. invisible vegetables. magical taste. no one feels the burden of war more than the families of our brave servicemen and women. very close issue to joe biden and his wife, jill. i recently had the opportunity to speak to dr. jill biden about her special efforts to make sure as we support our troops their loved ones aren't forgotten. for almost ten years now, americans have cept the s have
6:18 am
and daughters off to war. including the country's second family, joe and jill biden. >> this is our son, bo, and this is when he came back from iraq. as you can see the smiles. >> reporter: of course, bo biden, a delaware national guardsman is just one of tens of thousands of national guardsman who has deployed to iraq or afghanistan, but they are not the only ones of carrying the burden of military service. >> we so often hear people say, support the troops. we don't often hear them say, we support the families of the troops. is part of this making that awareness? >> yes. the military families are serving, as well. >> reporter: the cost of that service from the emotional anxiety of having a loved one at war to relocation and job changes, to home upkeep is what first lady, michelle obama, and dr. biden want people it know about.
6:19 am
>> we went around the country for about two years and listened and heard about the problems and some of the things that we could do. >> whether you're a business leader -- >> reporter: in april they teamed up -- >> each of us can show our appreciation for everything these families do. >> reporter: to promote a white house initiative called joining forces. >> people don't know that someone in their neighborhood, their school, their church is deployed. here is a single mom or a single dad who is trying to take care of the kids and manage everything by themselves. >> reporter: mother of three, maggie's husband is on his third overseas deployment. >> we have been married eight years and about 50/50 on time spent together. >> so, we're asking americans, go to your strength and whatever you do. whether you're a gardner, offer to help with the lawn. if you're a hair dresser, offer to cut the hair of the military children. whatever it is, offer your services to help a military family.
6:20 am
>> reporter: dr. biden spends a lot of her days traveling to spread the message. >> our son is in iraq. >> he's a medic. is this his first deployment? >> his third. >> his third. wow. >> reporter: we found her in chicago lending a compassionate ear to families of deployed troops. >> i remember when my son was deployed, that's how i kept thinking about it. how much longer, how much longer. it's hard, isn't it? >> reporter: and there was something else that brought her comfort that she often shares in gatherings like this. >> when he left at the deployment ceremony, a general's wife slipped a prayer into my hand and it meant so much to me and i did say that prayer every day. and whenever i was during my day, believe me, i'm a teacher, i could have been writing on the board or at an event and, you know, it would just go through my mind and that prayer came
6:21 am
out. >> please go with each one of them and protect them wherever they go. it's really important. and we're back, but, first, these messages. revlon launches growluscious plumping mascara. with a conditioning formula that helps strengthen and plump lashes up to 200% instantly... for maximum volume... new revlon growluscious plumping mascara. >>
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good morning to you. look live at sunol. blue sky peeking through in the distance. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. you say still cooler than we should be in time of year. >> we are seeing cool temperatures out there for places like sunol later on with highs low 80s. 53 in san francisco with misty skies around downtown. 56 in oakland. san jose seeing sunshine. 54 degrees. southeast wind at 9. a good strong sea breeze will ensure that low clouds we see this morning will be lurking on the coast throughout the day today. we'll see 50s to near 60-degree
6:27 am
temperatures in san francisco. kind of like what we saw yesterday. livermore and concord should see highs closer to 80. 68 for a high in oakland. seven-day forecast shows you that inland spots will keep that cooling trend going for the workweek. inland temperatures actually cooling off a bit more between now and wednesday. good air quality but kind of chilly out there over the next couple of afternoons. >> thank you very much, rob. this morning san francisco police officers have a new contract deal with the city which will allow them to receive raises and avoid layoffs while paying more for their pensions. the union overwhelmingly accepted that offer last night. police get a 3% raise immediately that was promised two years ago and other 2% they'll get next year. the deal also requires police to pay an additional 3% into their pensions so for this year it's technically a wash. it is supposed to save the city
6:28 am
more than $10 million over the next two years though. critics are trying to get a pension reform measure on the november ballot which would save far more than that. the city of martinez is thanking local communities for helping out to honor the memory of one of its own officers. there were so many people at the blood drive, some folks were turned away because of lack of space. the city connected 75 units of blood, twice of what it was expected. he serve ed with the police for since 2000. the city plans to hold an event at a larger site next year. san francisco roads will be closed today as the city hosts its annual sunday streets event. roadways from john f. kennedy drive to the great highway will be shut down to cars. the city will host activities along that route including a circus, free skate rentals and soccer demonstrations.
6:29 am
the event starts at 11:00 this morning and more sunday streets events are planned during the summer. bring your bike or your skates. coming up at 7:00 this morning, the latest on an overnight stabbing in the south bay and search for seven bay area fishermen missing off the coast of mexico a week later. we'll have more on that and all of the day's top news coming up at 7:00. here's more of the "today" show.
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we're back on this sunday morning, july 10th, 2011. a beautiful, warm summer day here in new york city. equally beautiful crowd joining us out on the plaza. we thank them oh, so much for being here outside studio 1a. i'm jenna wolfe alongside lester holt. kate and will wrap up their trip to the u.s. today. >> it was their first trip to the states as a couple, but a short one. missed the highlight, rockefeller center and being here with our crowd. william had his day in the sun at the polo grounds yesterday scoring four goals and leading his team to a win.
6:31 am
>> later that night, they hit the red carpet for a star studded black tie event. almost looked like the oscars. kate looking stunning, as always. who was she wearing? all the details coming up. we'll find out. just calm down for one second. >> the shoes. tell me about the shoes. we'll talk about another british invasion. 1964 rock group, you may have heard of them, the beatles. they made their big appearance on the ed sullivan stage but two days later their first concert was in washington, d.c., an 18-year-old had his camera and really good access and took some pictures and he forgot about them and they're going on the auction blocks for a good price. >> looking forward to seeing that. then, i get some pretty neat assignments. this one right up there at the very top. check this out. it wasn't a bird, certainly wasn't a plane. it was a flying thing out on the open water attached to me. that is yours truly trying out the new water powered jetpack
6:32 am
that made headlines a couple weeks ago. it took me a couple tries to get it right. eventually, i was cruising around the florida keys. an unbelievable adventure. when you actually get it right and it's a perfect balance, it is an exhilarating feeling. >> looks like a lot of fun. another check of the weather right now and janice is standing by. >> thank you, lester. a great morning here on the plaza. feels great. future meteorologists here. i hear you want to take my job. hi, sweetie, what is your name? >> roselyn. >> what is your name? >> i'm morgan. >> who are all these people with you. >> my family. >> why didn't they come over here with you guys? >> i don't know. >> you got t-shirts. they got t-shirts made. >> they're still family. >> good luck to being a meteorologist. we'll talk. let's check the weather and see what's happening. a lot of heat to talk about the central and southern portion of the country. heat watches, warnings, advisories in effect. look how hot it is going to get.
6:33 am
actual thermometer reading. 95 in st. louis and add the humidity and feel like 113 in some spots. dangerous heat. back here around the bay area, our warmest places 30 degrees cooler than the map you just saw of the national temperatures arod a the plains. here highs in the warmest places maybe low 80s but mostly 60s to mid 70s for highs for the inner bay. still up to 88 around lakeport for afternoon. you can see the trend in the seven-day forecast a strong sea breeze which means even our inland locations like the tri-valley should see highs in the 70s to low 80s around san jose low 70s through middle part of the week and warmer by next weekend. heat today. 103 in las vegas. 107 in oklahoma city is pretty hot today. good morning, everyone, back here. how is everybody? let's see, where are you guys from? where are you from? >> denver, north carolina. >> where are you guys from? >> maine. >> where are you from? >> reno, nevada. >> what is that shirt there,
6:34 am
reno? were you excited yesterday? wasn't that something. a huge crowd. hi, sweetie, what is your name? >> mia. >> are you here with anybody? there they are, over there. hi, you guys. where are you guys from? >> nashville, tennessee. >> awesome. going to be hot in tennessee today. let's take it back inside now to lester. >> janice, thanks. the george clooney movie "up in the air" showed us the uber road warrior, posh lounges, every request answered with your request and a smile. 10 million miles last night on united airline. tom, good morning. great to see you. >> hi, lester. >> how did you rack up 10 million frequent flier miles? were those actual air miles or credit card miles mixed in? >> that's what they call button
6:35 am
seats. actual flown miles. >> i know you're a consultant for auto dealers. tell me where you travel and how you rack up that many miles. >> i racked up 4 million or so going to australia. i started doing consulting back in '84 and i've been there over 200 times and greatest clients in the world. >> we saw a picture a moment aknow. you got your name on the side of an airplane. that's one perk. what else comes with being a million mile flier or 10 million mile flier? >> i'm sorry, lester. >> what comes, what are the perks with your status? >> well, i have a 800 number up in dearborn, michigan, i call those guys and they recognize me by my voice. if i'm delayed on a flight by two hours, everybody is panicking on the airplane, i
6:36 am
never have to worry because when i get off the plane, they got me booked on another flight and they already got me taken care of. sometimes they put me in a van and rush me across the tarmac just to make the next flight. the way -- >> i was going to say, tom. the consensus among a lot of air travelers is that the airline experience is steadily going down hill, cramped terminals, baggage fees, et cetera. can you relate to any of that or do you at least see it in your travels? >> my 10 million miles, lester, i've flown first class. so, when you're an elite, that's not just united, but when you're an elite, on united, you got short lines. if you're loyal to the airline, they are very loyal to you, lester. so, i don't have that problem. 6,000 flights. they never lost one of my bags. i don't have any complaints with united. they really take care of me. yesterday they gave me the real
6:37 am
titanium thing. >> titanium. that's terrific. you've seen the george clooney movie, any reality to it? >> well, the guy's got, the character, not george. the character has a pathetic life and i've got a great life. i got a great family to come to, the women of my dreams. i've got everything. you know, i have no complaints. he goes around and fires people and i go around and try to develop business. a little bit on the opposite end. >> any great tips you want to pass along to fliers that can make the experience easier for the rest of us? >> yeah. be patient. the average flier is expecting so much. everyone wants a round trip ticket from new york to l.a. for $199 and they want unlimited upgrades and the cost of flying today, lester, proportionate to income is cheaper than it was 30 years ago. people have to be a little more patient out there. i see too many people being so
6:38 am
rude, so, you have to be a little more patient. you get what you pay for. if you want to fly first class, it's worth it. >> happy travels. good having you on. >> thanks, lester. >> here's jenna. >> thank you. the duke and duchess of cambrage head back across the pond today after an all too brief maiden voyage to the states. they spent one full day here, they definitely made it a royal time. here's peter alexander. >> reporter: it doesn't happen every day. hollywood's a-list crowd themselves star struck. the future king and queen of england spending their final night overseas at this black tie affair. easily the most glamorous affair of their 11-day honeymoon tour. >> i would like to thank colin firth for my perfect opening line. i have a voice.
6:39 am
>> reporter: among those celebrities rubbing shoulders with the royals, nicole kidman, tom hanks and barbra streisand. on saturday, their only full day in america, the duke and duchess helicoptered into santa barbara for a polo match. all smiles for the royal couple. >> my father and my brother, harry, was as green as that grass outside when i told them i would be here today. >> reporter: guests paid up to $4,000 to attend the vip luncheon. >> the prince said to me, this is definitely going to give me the energy i need to win this match. >> reporter: william, said to be an excellent horseman, didn't disappoint. leading his team to victory with four goals. rewarded afterward by a rare public kiss and a silver tiffany trophy presented by his wife. their admirers were smitten. >> i get complete goose bumps for him to be on our turf is
6:40 am
breath taking. >> my breath was taken away, for sure. >> reporter: but for all the glitz and glamour surrounding their u.s. visit, william and kate specifically wanted to see more than hollywood. this morning they'll drive through los angeles' skid row to visit this inner city arch program where the children have been practicing for weeks to perform for the royal couple. >> it's definitely an honor and a privilege and a huge pleasure. >> reporter: a meaningful end to a memorable first visit. for "today" peter alexander, nbc news, los angeles. >> joining us now from los angeles with more on the newest hollywood royalties royal contributor robert jobson. good morning. >> good morning. as we just heard in peter's piece, the prince did awfully well, rather really well. four goals yesterday. we saw a rare public kiss to his wife, the duchess. did it seem to you they were having as good a time as we were
6:41 am
able to see? >> they have been on the road for some time. it was great for prince william to sort of let off steam and he spoke very well inside that tent. i was inside there myself and it was a wonderful, glamorous event. really enjoyable. i think they enjoyed it, too. >>i >> speaking of glamour, later that night they went to a black tie event. the whole thing was star studded. were they more star struck by hollywood or was hollywood more star struck by the royal couple? >> well, i think the star-studded royalty got everyone talking about them, including tom hanks, nicole kidman and all these people amazed they were with them and they had a fantastic time. >> did it seem like some of hollywood's best were waiting in line to meet them? you rarely see that, really. >> they had to be in little groups one of the groups was tom hanks and barbra streisand. i think, actually, kate was pretty star struck herself. i think she was amazed.
6:42 am
william has been used to this, being, of course, prince charles and princess diana's son. but kate's eyes were out. >> plus, her first trip to the u.s., as well. later today, the couple is going to visit an inner city school as we saw in peter's piece. how well are they balancing and dividing the line between their celebrity status and what they really want to do here, connecting with people in the different cities that they're visiting. >> very important that these trips aren't seen as glamour and celebrity and getting kids off the streets and actually helping people is very important to this visit. and it's very important for this visit that that message gets across. after all, britain and american service stood shoulder to shoulder and it's important that gets across. >> a quick trip, but a fulfilling one for them. we thank you for your insight. >> it's a pleasure. up next, it's been nearly 50 years since another set of brits
6:43 am
first came to america. see the rare, never-before-seen photos of the beatles from that trip, right after this. >> we've got a flood.
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6:47 am
was your intent? >> i was shooting for myself. just for myself. no magazine assignment. i wanted to do portraits of these guys. they were an unknown species. >> you stashed the photos away, i assume you didn't forget about them, but just didn't think about them. >> recently went looking for them in the basement. >> i want to pull up some of your favorites. the first is this kind of iconic fab four look here. >> yeah. >> this is from the back. >> i think that is the summery statement from that whole experience and, interestingly, i didn't even remember that i'd done it. >> so, you looked at that and didn't even realize. another one of john lennon on the guitar sequence here that is a great shot, as well. >> that is one of my favorites. only recently assembled that way. and the 18-year-old kid wanted to do a great portrait of the great person and i think this fulfills his dreams.
6:48 am
>> ringo starr on the drums. his hair flopping. this is a great, great picture. >> thank you. >> cathy, as we continue to look at these. another one here of a police officer that, this guy got bullets in his ear here to keep the sound out. when you saw these pictures for the first time, did you realize their intrinsic value? >> i realized i hit the jackpot on this. at first blush, they're just incredible photos. great composition and great use of light and memorable portraits. but what i was amazed at is that mike was 18 at the time. incredible photographer at a very early age. >> some technology had to come to bear to make these in a way that you could print them for auction, correct? >> we used a digital resource for the picture, digital files, but they were converted back to silver prints, the old way that photography used to be done. >> cathy, what is the value? what do you expect these photos to go for?
6:49 am
>> we're saying about $100,000. the sky's the limit here. we estimated them very conservatively here. mike is not a known photographer in the context of this type of work and these are so unique that we wanted to make them accessible for almost everyone but, hopefully, these are going to skyrocket. >> mike, as you showed these to people over years did people say, dude, you should be selling these? >> yeah, they did. and it just, it just had to be the right time. you know, i think now is the time. >> they're great photos. we're glad you're sharing them with the rest of us. mike and cathy, thank you for coming on. good to have you here. >> thank you. look out below, jenna takes to the air in a jetpack. sight you don't want to miss. first, these messages. good idea. let's go. did i just say that out loud? [ female announcer ] feel fresh up to 5 times longer with scope outlast. still feeling fresh? oh, yeah. [ female announcer ] what will you outlast? to your kids' wet skin.
6:50 am
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so, let's face it, flying can sometimes be a pain. weather delays, long lines at the airport. that is if you actually take a plane to get where you want to go. but for anyone interested in rediscovering the joy and wonder of flying, i have two words for you. j j jetpack. the florida keys, as the song goes, this is where you come to get away. ♪ that's where you want to go to get away from it all ♪ >> did we mention now you can get away like this? this is the water power personal jet pack now launching thrill seekers up to 30 feet in the air and back into their childhood fantasies. >> for most people this is something on a bucket list. they've watched jet packs since
6:53 am
the late 1950s and, man, if i could fly a jet pack, i'm going to. we're fulfilling a lot of fantasies for people. >> reporter: the pack weighs 50 pound but can lift up to 500 pounds. it is connected to a little boat that is connected to wherever you fly. it shoots it up the hose and out the nozzle and up you go. originally invented for more practical purposes -- >> you could see if there was somebody under water if you're trying to find somebody. you could go under bridges and survey bridges. >> reporter: until someone figured out, hey, we could just fly this thing around for fun and that's exactly what we did here at jetpack adventures in key west. how hard is it to learn how to do this? >> if you lissen aten and relax we'll have you flying in minutes. >> reporter: anybody can get in this and fly off and have a
6:54 am
blast. >> we had people in their 70s -- >> reporter: i have a track record of sometimes breaking the toys that i play with. how much is this worth? >> $99,500. >> reporter: i'm sorry, i thought you said -- >> yes, $99,500. >> reporter: luckily i have a little help on my maiden voyage. my instructor working the throttles and guiding me through an ear piece in my helmet. after a quick lesson -- >> right turn. nice. >> reporter: and getting settled in the water, all i had to do was take off and steer. how hard could that be? >> arms down. keep it going. arms down. arms down. you are flying! not too fast. you are the wild one. arms down. >> reporter: all right, clearly, i needed a little bit of a pep
6:55 am
talk. you could just relax out here and not think, you would be sadly mistaken. number one. number two. i lost my shoe, you owe me $2.33. number three, i want to do it, again. >> all right! >> reporter: so, once we got all that settled. >> nice. little bit down on the arms. you want to get a little higher? >> reporter: yeah. >> let's do this. keep those arms down, keep it smooth. hold those arms right there. >> reporter: what's up, guys? sadly, it only flies for three hours before running out of gas, so, flying it back to new york was not an option, but now that i know how to work one of these things, maybe i will buy one of these things. at which point my only advice to anyone below me, look out below.
6:56 am
i came this close from hitting my head on that thing. that was so much fun. >> and then when you finally started flying, we got a cheer. >> and we want to thank the folks down at the jet pack adventures in key west for their unbelievable adventures. you can take it out for a 90-minute ride, a lesson and a little bit of flying, $250. come down with me next time. >> okay, fair enough. ocean spray sparkling juice drinks in cranberry and pomegranate blueberry. they have bubbles and come in these really cool cans. it's real fruit juice, crisp, sparkling water, and no added sugar. comes in diet, too. it's refreshing, tasty -- the whole family will love it. you want one? i'll wait a bit. mm. refreshing. ocean spray sparkling juice drinks.
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that's going to do it for us on this sunday morning. melissa francis, janice huff,
6:59 am
thank you so much, as always. coming up next weekend on "today" harry potter mania. >> i'll see you tonight on
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